We Provide New / Used Medical Laser Equipment

What If I’m Not Pleased With My Laser?

One of the unique aspects of working with MedlaserOutlet.com to find the right laser or handpiece, is that not only do we offer a warranty as other companies do, but we uniquely offer a buyback program. We understand that is very important when you’re starting your practice, to get the right device in there for

How Does Your Process Work?

Once we get advice from a doctor’s office or from a bank we have one of our certified technicians look through the device and make sure that’s running up to the manufacturer’s specifications. As soon as we do that, that device is available to be viewed for sale. Once we agree on what’s the right

Do We Offer A Warranty?

Do We Offer A Warranty?

One of the most important things when buying a laser is to have a warranty associated with it. As we understand, a machine is a machine and from time-to-time stuff can happen. Not only do we offer standard warranty options just as if you were purchasing a new device, we have many different warranty options


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