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Achieving what no other laser has before, the DermaV uses the right wavelength with the right fluence to deliver unmatched results to patients. Our cutting-edge skin-cooling capability ensures your patient’s comfort while our patented IntelliTone™ technology banishes unsightly veins and discoloration. With the DermaV, vascular and pigmented lesions don’t stand a chance.

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Detailed Product Information

  • Superior Wavelengths: Harnessing the dual power of 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, DermaV effectively targets both brown and red pigmentation, offering higher absorption than other commonly used vascular wavelengths.
  • Optimal Fluence: Our system administers the necessary thermal energy for optimal results while maintaining the versatility to adjust energy levels, ensuring the safe treatment of small vessels.
  • Variable Sequential Pulsing: As the first and only 532nm device to offer both ICD cooling and user-specified Variable Sequential Pulsing, DermaV makes ALL pulsed dye and solid-state green lasers obsolete.
  • Effective Cooling: DermaV’s adjustable cooling system (before, during, and after treatment) not only safeguards skin but optimizes clinical outcomes.


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