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ThermiVa® is an in-office, non-surgical procedure for labial and vaginal tightening. Studies show improvement in vaginal tightening, urinary incontinence, sexual function, vaginal moisture and anorgasmia (inability to have an orgasm) in patients who have received ThermiVa® treatments.

ThermiVa® is the first noninvasive procedure using controlled thermal energy to improve these tissues. It makes a great alternative to mesh procedures for incontinence, surgical labia repair, or even long-term medications

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A complete ThermiVa® treatment involves 3 sessions, approximately one month apart. Results are almost immediate, with improvement continuing after each session. Maintenance may be needed at approximately every year to maintain best results.

ThermiVa® uses a radio frequency (RF) to control the temperature of the targeted thermal energy to the tissue of the labia or vagina. Results include:

  • Tightening the vaginal canal internally and at the opening of the vagina
  • Tightening loose, stretched outer lips of the vagina (labia majora)
  • Improving urinary control and treating mild urinary leakage
  • Increasing vaginal moisture and lubrication
  • Decreasing discomfort during intercourse
  • Enhancing sensitivity and sexual arousal/orgasm
  • Relaxing areas that may be too tight or painful


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